Trimbakeshwar Temple

Trimbakeshwar Temple
Road to the mountains !

Going to this place has been one of my most beautiful journeys so far. Trimbakeshwar is by far the smallest hill town I have seen. Surrounded by huge mountains which my eyes can open up everyday to.Thats probably a life I can get accustomed to.It’s like take whatever it takes to make me a village girl/farm girl/temple resident.But well I am not very sure if being in the mountains means sleeping like a polar bear and that means a slow life or a really fast one coz our three-day stay jus followed us up too quickly.

It’s not like my city life is horrible but it comes with a lot of temptations and opportunities which I don’t wish for and while the mountains can embrace me for who I am 🙂 But of course I never missed even a second of the day’s early morning to climb the hills, be up there and watch its beautiful view.Of falls I coundn’t reach , empty houses I couldnt talk to. Pure cold water streams I sat by and wondered how beautiful this place is and farm crops which still werent fully grown yet.The roads in the mountains are just formed and I never lost myself.I probably could go many miles without even looking back but then everybody has their calling as I would like to say.The temple was beautiful like nothing can be.

Thats how I stayed in the mountains.






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